Keep Your Awning Working Well with Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Environmental debris can collect on fabric awnings just as they do on upholstered furniture and rugs. The debris is not a problem, however it can begin to settle into the fibers of the awning or shade fabric. Once this begins it creates a place for mold and mildew to grow. So just as we vacuum our rugs or clean our furniture, it is important to clean your awnings to extend the life of the fabric.

Regularly cleaning your fabric awnings is a step you can make to protect your investment. We offer seasonal services to clean awnings and shade products so we can do the dirty work for you. Seasonal offers are mailed to our customers to provide them with both a reminder and an opportunity to schedule their cleaning before the outdoor season begins. This is an opportunity for you to get a jump on spring and be able to have your outdoor space ready once it’s warm enough to enjoy the outdoors.

Reapplication of Water Resistant coating:

When your awning fabric is new, the factory applied coating will help rain and moisture to bead up on the surface of your awning. The coating acts as a type of sunscreen for the fabric fibers. It creates a barrier between the fibers and the environmental debris. Overtime this “sunscreen” wears off in the elements. To continue the use of your investment with piece of mind, we recommend to clean your awning fabric annually and then every few years reapply the water resistant coating to your clean awning to protect the fabric. Just like when we reapply sunscreen, it is important to do the same for your awning.

Seasonal Take Down and Rehang Services:

Often times we hang awnings in coastal locations where the elements are relentless on all structures including awnings. Awnings by Bigley & Hogshire offers seasonal services to take down your awnings and store them during the cooler months and rehang them when you want the benefit of shade during the warmer months. Taking down awnings during the harsher winter months can help to protect the fabric and lengthen the overall life of your investment.

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