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The definitions below are as these terms are commonly used in our company. Others may use these words in a different context.

Aluminum Awning – The components of the awning are made out of aluminum, including the “skin” or surface of the awning.

Bimini Top – A bimini is a folding top that provides an area of shade and rain protection on a boat.

Dome awning– A dome awning is a very popular awning shape. Domes typically follow a true radius, and both the front “valance” bar and the top “mounting” bar are rolled into an arch.

Pergola – A pergola is a structure designed as an attractive feature to a property. Pergolas are frequently designed for shade, and will sometimes have vines trained onto them to enhance the shade they provide. Awnings by Bigley has a product called a “pergola” as well. This pergola is a retractable awning product that rolls out on heavy tracks. The pergola unit is typically installed in commercial applications.

Quarter Round – These awnings have a domed top and flat ends. Waterfall awnings are an adaptation of a quarter round and can commonly be seen on Blockbuster Video stores. Waterfall awnings have a quarter round on the top, and a sheer vertical face for logos.

Shade Sail – Shade sails are designed to provide durable shade to a property. We follow an Australian design to create a fabric structure with visual interest and architectural design. The units can be made for rain protection as well, but are typically installed mainly for shade.

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