Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum Awnings have been a mainstay in the awning marketplace for more than a century. Whether you are looking for a carport, window awnings, patio covers, or decorative Alumawood trellises, aluminum lasts.

Aluminum Awnings and Carport Sales and Installation in Virginia

Awnings by Bigley and Hogshire offers the most durable aluminum awnings in Virginia for your home or business. We are committed to excellence in design and installation of residential and commercial aluminum awnings and carports.

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Flat Pans, W-Pans, and Insulated Roof Systems

porch awningThese have been consistently popular throughout the years for Awnings by Bigley, and these beautiful and pre-engineered structures are designed to cover patios and decks, or serve as carports for our customers.

While economy is a key advantage, longevity and attractiveness are the hallmarks of Aluminum patio covers. Everything but the fasteners are made of heavy gauge aluminum alloys that will never rust, and have a long lasting and warrantied durable finish. As stated above, the systems are pre-engineered to handle the wind and snow loads of the region. Once you choose the size and shape of your awning, it will be designed using our products to maximize strength and efficiency.

Aluminum Carports

patio awningThese protect both your investment and your wallet! No more fighting with the umbrella on a cold, rainy, windy day. You can step right out of your car and walk right into the house. No more frosty windshield scraping or cleaning sap and bird droppings off your car. On a rainy day you can move the car out and have a great play area for the kids! Though they may cost more than some other options, ours are extremely economical and should last for at least 50 years, maybe even longer!

Insulated Roof Systems

car port awningThis is what we typically use for screen rooms and patio rooms. These are perfect for adding usable square footage to a house without astronomical construction expenses. Frequently, our customers will start out with a patio cover and will enclose it later as needed. As long as we know that is an interest, we will design it to make it possible and allow you to grow into that wonderful additional space.

Underdeck Drainage Systems

This is an ideal product for making the unusable space under a second story deck usable even in the rain. These units are designed to attach underneath the deck and divert rain to downspouts and away from the area. Some use these strong and attractive units for additional storage areas.

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