Prepare for the Changing Seasons with Seasonal Awning Services

Winter Storage Service

To really preserve your awnings and shade products, we offer a winter storage service to protect them from the harshest months’ wear and tear. Every year we take hundreds of awnings down in the fall, store them through the winter, and re-install them in the spring. Call us for more information on this optional service—for the small fee it can really extend the life of your awning investment.

Awning Cleaning

We completely hand clean your awnings, both fabric and vinyl awnings. Overtime environmental debris can collect between the weave of fabric awnings and on top of vinyl awnings. This debris is where mold and mildew can grow. Regular awning cleanings can remove this road dirt, pollution, mildew and other destructive elements. Over time, this dirt and debris can stress the material and cause it to age more quickly. Just as with interior upholstery, regular cleanings can add years to the life of your fabric awnings and help to properly maintain them. Call us for more information on this optional service. This can be combined with our winter storage service so that come spring your awnings will be clean and ready for the season.

Tropical Storm and Hurricane Awning Removal

Given our proximity to the coastline of Virginia and North Carolina, we occasionally find our customers in the direct path of a tropical storm or hurricane. We offer emergency take down service for awnings on a first come first serve basis. We will work until we can no longer work safely in preparation of a named storm. We will do everything we can to protect your property as long as it is safe for our staff.

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