The Best Fabric Awnings in Virginia

Fabric awnings serve many purposes to homeowners and business owners.  Not only can you save up to 25% on your air conditioning cost, but they can add dimension and character to otherwise mundane buildings.  A pop of color, or a little dimension can make all the difference.  Furthermore, your fine furniture, rugs, and paintings can be saved from the deleterious effects of UV radiation with an awning stopping it on the outside of your windows and doors.  Many homeowners buy awnings to preserve their doors and windows from moisture damage as well, or to cover a porch to give you room to fumble for your keys, protected from the rain.

Fabric Commerical Dome     Fabric Commerical Laceon

How long will fabric awnings last?

50 years ago, awnings were made of painted cotton canvas.  These products performed fairly well considering, but replacement every 5 to 7 years was fairly commonplace.  Today’s awning canvas is frequently warranted for 10 years, and has a life expectancy of even 15 years or more.  This is due to the use of solution dyed acrylic yarn.  This yarn is the same color throughout, so fading is minimized because as layers wear away, the same color is underneath.  This feature provides that our acrylic awning fabrics will fade less than 1% per year.  So after 10 years you will have better than 90% of their color.  This has been tested and proven in the most brutal sunlight conditions such as in Florida and the Caribbean.

Awning fabrics have come a long way over the years.  Today’s awning fabrics are vibrant, rich, and colorfast.  We have chosen fabrics for our awnings from the top manufacturers in the world.  Our preferred fabric manufacturers hail from Italy, Austria, France, and The United States.  While some awning manufacturers cut corners by using Chinese textiles, the longevity suffers.  We specifically chose our manufacturers for the highest levels of quality and sustainability.  Buying quality doesn’t have to cost too much.  Buying awnings made with cheap fabric usually does.  Our awning frames are made primarily of aluminum or galvanized steel.  The frames can typically be recovered several times making your investment pay for more than 50 years.

Provide Shade or Let the Sunlight Inside with Retractible Fabric Awnings

Awnings are as varietal and unique as the people who own them.  Moods change, and so can your awning.  There are times you want light to come into your rooms, like on a grey overcast day, or during the cold winter months.  Retractable awnings can roll up and down with the push of a button, or the turn of a crank.  Window and porch pull-up awnings have remained a staple of the awning market for more than 100 years.  Functionality and great looks that have stood the test of time, and never seem to go out of style.  These versatile shades can be raised for an afternoon to let in the light, or to weather a tropical storm, but provide shade when you want it on a hot summer day.  Your air conditioner will thank you, and your power bill will remind you monthly of the great decision you made to have Awnings by Bigley and Hogshire install your fabulous fabric awnings. At Awnings by Bigley and Hogshire, we use only the best fabric for outdoor window and door awnings in Virginia.

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