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Windows provide the sunlight we desire, and a great view.  They are also a major source of heat gain in both the Winter and Summer.  While you want the heat gain in winter, there are times that glair can be a big annoyance.  You can maintain your view while protecting your interior space from glare and heat gain by using Interior or Exterior Solar Screens.

Interior and Exterior Screens Installation for Virginia Homes

Solar screens can be placed on the exterior or interior.  When placed on the exterior you block the sun’s harmful UV rays and the heat gain before they hit the window glass.  This can not only help reduce the temperature of the room by as much as 20 degrees, it can also help to save  expensive interiors from UV damage.  Installing screens on the exterior of your home is sometimes not feasible or you may determine you would rather have them installed inside.  Interior screens are a great option and because they fabric and mechanics don’t have to hold up to the harsh weather elements they are priced below exterior screens. At Awnings by Bigley and Hogshire, we strive to provide superior interior and exterior screens installation services in the homes throughout Virginia.

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