Enjoy a More Comfortable Outdoor Space with Pratic® Pergola Systems


Pergola® Awnings expand your outdoor living area and offers durability and function against both sun and inclement weather. Great for both home patios and restaurant & café outdoor seating areas.

The SUNAIR® Pergola® Awning is the ultimate system for larger residential spaces and restaurant cafés. Our Pergola® Awning is available in many models to best fit your needs and budget. These systems are designed for larger spaces and can be used as both sun protection and inclement rain protection, with integrated gutters to disperse water. All Pergola® models are custom built to fit your area. Models will be chosen based upon size and features, and whether the awning can be mounted to the wall or needs to be a free standing and a self-supported system. Your choice will also depend on if you want to add roll down bug screens or cold weather zipper screens with windows to create a three season room. Multiple units can also be mounted together with gutter systems to cover even larger areas.

Some smaller pergola awning systems can be manually operated with a hand crank. Larger pergola awning systems are conveniently operated with an integrated tubular motor that is controlled by a hand held remote. With the remote, the Pergola® will extend and retract automatically.

Your Pergola® Awning Installation Resource in Virginia

For restaurants and cafés, these awnings are quickly becoming fashionable. Protecting your guests and outdoor seating area during fierce mid-day sun and inclement weather keeps your patrons happy and comfortable. Being able to continue serving on the patio generates increased revenue even during inclement weather, which is also good for the bottom line. We proudly install Pergola® Awnings for restaurants in Virginia, so that they are be able to continue serving on the patio during the hot summer or on rainy days.

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